April 23

We’ve got a place to build and i’ve worked up a budget (way more than we have, but so far everything is coming in much cheaper than I calculated due to used stuff on craigslist and Re-store shopping.) Once we get it built we will be looking for intentional, green community type setting and/or a care-taking position.  If you have any advice, or materials to donate we will give you full appreciation in these pages and videos. Unless you prefer to be anonymous.

I’m still considering this folding stairway made by Skylax, an Italian company.  We think this might be just the thing to give us loft access.  It’s expensive but cheaper than a fold out attic stair made by rainbow.  Rainbow’s takes up less space however.  Cute or cheaper?  We want stairs instead of a ladder and this looks like the right hybrid.  Might just try building my own like it or hiring someone to weld me up something like it.


I’m also thinking about the heating situation.  While Jay Shafer chose the Dickenson Propane P9000 ($700 range with 3-9000 btu heat output) my research is making me question if that one is right for us.  It doesn’t have a thermostat.  It does have venting which cuts down on condensation and Carbon Monoxide poisoning although the company did tell me they still recommend CO2 detectors just in case.  Not sure if that’s to cover their legal liabilities or if I should worry.  Hmmm.

But either way I want something with a thermostat so I don’t have to get up in the night to adjust the temperature every hour.  Apparently the vent free models are bad for small spaces due to window condensation.  I’m still searching but if anyone has any ideas let me know.


I’m intrigued by this very neo-luddite candle radiator.  I’m feeling a bit Amish at the moment so I might just buy or make one to see what it can do.

Any body know if it works? http://www.heatstick.com/_KanHeet01.htm

OUR FIRST PURCHASE:  (Scary!) We went to look at some closet doors we found on Craigslist.  Didn’t like them but commented on the hardwood floor in the house and he said he had some more in the garage.  We wanted 280 sq feet of floor for our house and the cheapest we could find was $ 2.69 a sq foot which would come up to $731.  He told us he would give it to us for $200.  It sounded like a lot until we were driving away and I pulled out the calculator to do the math…  .71 cents a sq foot.  We stopped at the bank and turned around and went back and bought it.  It was tough since we had no idea yet if we had enough to start building, or where we would build, or how to build, etc etc etc.  Basically we struggled and fought with our fears and insecurities outside the bank for half an hour before we decided this was too good a gift to pass up.

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We have landed and after all the struggle, adventure, drama etc it all seems so worthwhile. We are now parked in a lovely and peaceful place just north of Santa Rosa. Bucolic bliss has become a reality. I got everything on my list: well water, garden, wildlife, quiet (can't even hear airplanes!) and lovely neighbors. Thanks to everyone for the prayers, help, moral support, and patience during this challenging project. About another year and we should be finished.... Ha : )

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