POST #4 Wrestling walls into place

Had to hire a guy to help me because I was under a time constraint.

Oh, and uh, because I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. 

He’s really good, has lots of experience and works fast!  He taught

me how to bend and wrestle warped and twisted wood into shape.  I was surprised

by how many 2 x 4s (which are not 2″by 4″by the way! and in fact most building

supplies are not the size they say they are.  Curious! That doesn’t happen in a

fabric, kitchen or hobby store. Just sayin!)  

I’m very proud to say I can now cut the wood and frame a wall all by myself!










Starting to look like something vaguely resembling a habitation.










Tomorrow, July 4th, I have to wrap the house and put in a window.  That should be fun.

Can my immense ignorance of all things construction be remedied by a couple of

hours on Youtube?   Wish me luck cuz man I’m gonna need it.


Oh and things I would never do this again- without:

Very very good knee pads

A little stool to sit on

More money

An air conditioner!!!

A personal massage therapist and a cook so I don’t have to eat 7-11 Sandwiches

A bigger bottle of TRAUMEEL homeopathic pain pills.

More experienced help.


July 4th:

I put the flat roof beams up today and finally figured out soffit vents.  Sorta.  Thanks to those of you who responded to my whiney calls for help. 

I’m still wondering about leaving sheep wool exposed to the elements.  Seems weird to me but I guess when it is still attached to the sheep it is

exposed 24/7 so what the hay. It’s July in Nevada in a warehouse with no air-conditioning so excuse the 80’s Karate Kid headband but believe

me it was necessary.










That is me mastering the confusing concept (for me) of the soffit vent.  It took me a long time to get it I’m embarrassed to say.

If someone had just told me they are basically bird houses with window screen I would have caught right on.


And here it is–My 50th birthday present– a house! 

At long last.  Well, nearly a house.  Had to wrap this present myself.

















Despite some folks pessimism concerning my abilities to finish this project on time (you know who you are),

I made major progress today.  The house is wrapped and windows installed.  Even the door jamb was installed (more or less). 

That means tomorrow I will put on the siding.  I wouldn’t have made it through the day without the major optimism and sound

advice of my next door neighbor Ramon (Who by the way is from Guadalajara and has an art degree from UofA- just like me.

So I call him compadre!) and of course the patience and wisdom of the carpenter I hired to tell me what to do and how to do it.


I’ve figured out the secret to dealing with such a huge project is just to take one bite at a time.  The problem is though- every time

I go to do something I realize I have to do a dozen other things first so I feel like I’m constantly backing up.  The other problem is not 

knowing what I don’t know until I need to know it.  If I knew I didn’t know something  I could at least research or ask for help ahead of

time to prepare myself. 

But alas!


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