POST #5 Windows installed

First window installed.

Ok, that wasn’t too hard after about 20 youtube videos.

Inside view, kitchen window:

7 pm and still going!

The bay window attempt:

More or less installed.  A little less than more actually. 

Inside view:

Home in time for dinner of celery sticks with peanut butter and to do a

couple hours of work on the computer.

But oh what a sense of accomplishment.  I keep telling myself, every time I get

overwhelmed and think something is going to be impossible – “It aint rocket science. 

I’m sure I can figure it out.” 

It’s character building. 

So after this I’m going to be quite the character! 

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4 comments on “POST #5 Windows installed
  1. Elizabeth Miller says:

    Paul sent me the link to your blog. I am so impressed with your little house! You are doing a terrific job. I researched this kind of building when I was living with Mike in a semi-truck last year. We were planning on tearing off the sleeper and putting on a custom designed one, I had designed the new one. Your’s is twice as big as the one I was designing, so that is impressive too!
    I can see how well you are building this and am impressed with the sheep’s wool insulation as well as the flashings etc. Lovely!!
    I imagine you have the interior all planned but if you want me to share a few of the cooler space saving secrets I discovered, let me know! (have you seen the design for a mini pantry (can width) that fits inside the bathroom door frame?) .
    Congratulations on making your dream a reality!

    • limacatz says:

      Thanks for the encouragement , god knows I need it about now. I like the pantry in a door idea. I lay in bed at night kind of incredulous thinking how weird it is to dream of something for so long and now be sleeping in it. Cool.

  2. D says:

    Can’t wait to see an updated photo of your house!! 🙂
    Miss hearing about you guys.

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