POST# 7 Goodbye Vegas

The warehouse door was too short to put on the second floor so I had to haul her out into the sun.

Good thing I noticed that BEFORE I put the second floor on : )

And the second floor goes up: (not as easy as all that mind you)

In the mean time I’ve put ads in Craigslist looking for land in Northern Cal and have gotten several responses that look really great.

As soon as, and if I ever get there, I will check them out and see where my new home will be parked.


More or less on time I must say adieu to VegASS as I lovingly call it. Won’t be missing this place, that’s for sure.

Here is fingers crossed to tiny house being finished enough to make her road worthy.

A bit of house cleaning to get the sawdust out and make her ship shape for the voyage.

I left at 2 am on Thursday night just to get over the state line to take a nap at a truck stop at 4 am

The house seemed really big and bulky going down the road but when it was parked next to a semi

truck it looked tiny indeed.

Then more desert:

Made it under bridges:

There was really more room than it looks in this photo.

Stopped for gas and it even fit there:

Passed the windmills:

It took about two days to get to Napa where I had a reserved space at a campground.

But then Mercury Retrograde kicked in and had its way with me.


You bet.

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2 comments on “POST# 7 Goodbye Vegas
  1. Matt says:

    looks great! just like your plan…

    • limacatz says:

      Thanks Matt. I think the same thing. I lay in bed looking around thinking, oh my god, that thing I was obsessing about is finally here and it looks just like I dreamed it. Wait to you see our loft roof. So cute. We used really lightweight pine tongue and groove and I’m so happy we didn’t let fear keep us from making the roof curved. It was close. Almost backed out. Truly I had help from the gods on this project. Except there at the end with the whole wheel thing. I must have worn them out and they went on vacation. : )

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