POST#8 Mercury Retrograde from hell…

So the day after I headed out on my return journey to California, and just in time for my birthday, Mercury decided to go retrograde.  I knew it was coming but because I am chronically optimistic and was desperate to get out of Vegas I went anyway.

I5 miles from the camp ground I was going to stay at, just until I found some land to rent, tragedy struck.

I was following behind the house in a van  while the Uhaul truck was pulling the house.  Along a tiny road in Napa Valley lined with grape vines a tire suddenly came flying at me out of nowhere.  Not just the tire but the big heavy metal rim as well.  I thought, nah, that didn’t just come flying off of my very expensive brand new trailer supporting the tiny house I just spent a month building?  I hit the breaks and it missed me and so did the cars behind me.  It then flew across into oncoming traffic and managed to miss 2 more cars before it flew off into grape vines.

I spent 45 minutes on the phone trying to figure out how to get a 7 thousand pound tiny house towed.  No luck.

Turns out a Les Schwaub was only a couple miles away so we drove ever so slowly with hazard blinkers on listing heavily to the right as I prayed that the whole house didn’t just decide to lay down in the middle of the highway.

Here is the skid mark the flying tire made on the side of the house:

Here is the very damaged axle and missing wheel.

I spent a few hours hiking through vineyards hunting for the missing tire and finally found it.

Les Schwaub refused to work on it, it was too much of a mess.  I couldn’t really see any remedy to this whole mess so it was a moment of surrender.  After a couple hours of tears and a mini nervous break down.  This is the whole reason I spent so much money on a new custom made trailer in the first place.  So this kind of thing wouldn’t happen!!  Mercury didn’t care.

So I called the guy I bought the trailer from in LA.  I had to camp in the parking lot for a week next to Target and Home Depot (Which I’ve spent so much time in this last month that it felt like I lived there already anyway). My best buddies came from Berkeley with food and folding chairs and we sat in the parking lot of Schwaubs like it was a campground.  Oh and the campground I never made it to let me use their shower for the week.  Random acts of kindness from complete strangers.  Bless them!

Now every time I see a Les Schwaub I get a homey kinda feeling. Don, the guy who made the very expensive custom made trailer, came up from LA and completely changed both axles, and all 4 tires and then pulled us to our destination.  I’m sure he was cursing the day he met me but hey, at least he had the integrity to come fix the mess.  And nothing like almost watching your project crash and burn to really appreciate what you have but i had at least three melt downs and grew a dozen grey hairs that week.

But before we get to the happy ending  I would like to jump to the moral of the story:

Lest you think this whole tiny house thing is easy sneezy, best think again.  And remember that even without Mercury Retrograde that is a lot of weight to put on 4 wheels and pull a few hundred miles so make sure you get a good trailer!

It’s true – a house is only as good as its foundation!

And here is cliff hanger number 2—

The place I found to park is awesome and beautiful and up a mile high mountain through a forest. Yup!

Tree branches meet tiny house.

Film at 11….

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3 comments on “POST#8 Mercury Retrograde from hell…
  1. Have a look at my custom trailer being painted as we speak! I agree with you and that’s why I decided to get a custom trailer too.

  2. Laura says:

    Thank goodness you squeaked out of this safe and with help from your trusty trailer guy!

    • limacatz says:

      Holding up fairly well under all these storms has been quite the interesting experience. My little “gypsy club house” is weathering them nicely. Will need some sanding and more paint in Spring though. I’m figuring out that this is one of those projects that eats your life. There is no “end” and you’re done. I’m starting to suspect.

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