POST# 9 Land Ho!

After visiting several possible land locations while camping at Target I have decided that the 40 acres and a Llama (3 actually) was the right place.

Rent will be $250 including utilities (until the landlord decides it should be $300 a few weeks later – bait and switch)

I have a hose and an extension cord and I’ve entered a contest for free solar at the RealGoods store (fingers crossed).

Here’s kitty trying out her new window seat.  (notice there are still no interior walls up)

My friend Richard calls our Bay window the Baybe window because it is so tiny.  But it’s perfect for a tiny house.

Here’s one of the views from the house:

Here’s one of my favorite neighbors- one of 3 llamas.  Her name is Twinkie and she is very cuddly.  I saw the other two in a spitting contest and let me just say, when llamas spit it looks more like puke.  Enough said.

The Cats meet Twinkie:

I cleared the weeds out from under the water tower and paved it with some flagstone and voila!  A shower.  That makes me nearly civilized again.


Giant blackberries with a view for breakfast!!!  Suddenly now it is all seeming kinda worth it.

Some more neighbors:

Oh and just to contrast with all the bucolic beauty here’s what a tiny house looks like when you are living in it while still building it:

Getting to the top of the hill was no easy task.  Trees had to be trimmed and many prayers said.  One tree almost took out one of the new windows and another pulled off a square foot of overhang:

Raised bed garden.  Here it is in it’s early stages:

Here is a picture of the town’s central plaza.  Downtown is a few blocks long and is only about 10 minutes away from home.

So most of the things on my checklist have been attained:

  • Tiny house: check
  • Nice place to park near San Francisco and Berkeley: check
  • Well water: check
  • Garden: check
  • Now all I need is a super fabulous place to work nearby.
  • Oh and winning that solar contest at RealGoods would be awesome!

While working on the loft insulation and walls the bed moved to the couch and the princess and the pea took a nap:

The ceiling turned out great.  Looks like a boat.  Now that the mad challenge of making a curved ceiling is over I’m glad I did it.

The view from the bedroom window:

Princess Pipoca was not pleased with all the hammering but she is mostly putting up with it now that she has a garden to chase lizards in.

She is however most unhappy with the catch and release policy.


I wish you all bliss be it bucolic or otherwise.

Until the next post….

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5 comments on “POST# 9 Land Ho!
  1. D says:

    I love these pictures! Kitty looks so cozy on your bed.
    Rounded ceiling is beautiful. I can’t wait to see more!

  2. lee says:

    i’m looking at trailers now. what happened to your axles. was it a weight or manufacturing problem. if you answered this already, sorry i missed it. i’m reading straight through. 50 years old in virginia thinking climbing a loft in 10 years might not be for me….

    • limacatz says:

      Manufacturing problem with axle. Guy drove up from LA to rebuild whole underneath in Target parking lot where we had been stranded for a week. Now I can say I lived at Target, briefly.
      I am going to be optimistic about what shape I will be in when I’m 60 and 70 and since I mostly just sleep upstairs not a whole lot of climbing to do. Bed pan for night time helps to avoid nightly visits downstairs. I made my stairs comfortable to get up and down so I think it will be ok. Hopefully. In 20 years who knows where any of us will be. Hopefully still living in our tiny houses happily playing in the woods and the garden. That’s the plan.

      • ee says:

        Did you take pics while he was rebuilding.. because i’m worried how you would jack up a trailer once it has been built to tiny house weight.. thanks for your reply.

      • limacatz says:

        I stood and watched him rebuild it. Jacking up a 7500 lb trailer is no problem for people used to dealing with boats and freight trailers etc. I think he let his helper build it the first time using crappy material. There were problems with it even as we pulled it out of his driveway but we didnt know enough about trailers to know we should have turned back. Live and learn!!! What I didn’t know I didn’t know until I needed to know it was HUGE!

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