POST#11 Cozyness factor

So not only do I have plenty of storage I also have achieved the cozyness factor.  My first overnight guest can confirm.  I have witnesses.

This lovely couch is also the guest bed.  I slept on it to try it out last night and it is lovely.  If I may say so myself.

Here is another shot of the new deck.  It extends the living room and makes the house so inviting.  We have sat on this “porch” and watched the stars and even broke out the old dusty guitar.  Wonderful.

Meanwhile back on the inside – a closet is born.   3 closets actually.

For the hanging clothes.  And for other stuff.


AFTER:  (complete with office space to the right!)  Ths actually didn’t end up being the final doors.  (See later post)

And here are before and after shots of the kitchen.  I can almost cook a meal now.

Ive been cooking on a cardboard box sitting on the floor.

Put cabinets up on wall today.  Wow it kinda looks like a kitchen now:

And voila:  Counter tops and electric extension cords up off the floor.  Cozy…

Had to hire someone to install the TPO roofing.  I just don’t have the tools or know how.  It’s a rubber roof so adds no height and very little weight, is very strong and outlasts many other materials.

The front door still needs to be sanded and patched and painted but I have the welcome mat out. Mi casita es tu casita!

If you are in the neighborhood for Halloween come by and see Pipoca’s costume.  It is very very scary.  Basically she is going as herself.


Happy Halloween Ya’ll!

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6 comments on “POST#11 Cozyness factor
  1. jonell says:

    Oooh la la!! It is so exciting to see your house coming together. it looks GLORIOUS! AND COZY but not so cozy as to be cramped. And of course Pipoca is quite terrifying, as any proper Halloween cat should be! Congratulations on a job that is continuing to be well done!!

  2. limacatz says:

    Thanks for the feedback and encouragement. Some days I wake up thinking- Do I HAVE to be Bob the Builder AGAIN today? Or can I just have a life?
    The last two weeks I have been blessed with many astrology clients so they break up all that physical work and allow me to go in and deeper to balance it all out.
    This coming week I have to put in the sink and shower. Yikes. Wish me luck…..

  3. kmb says:

    One of the orbs is here!

  4. B . Steiner says:

    love the bay window and reading nook
    wanted to put one it an elm 20 loft
    they said it could not be done
    why not?
    were did you get your window and what size is it?
    thank you

    • limacatz says:

      Thank you! I got it from Restore in Oakland California. It’s a thriftstore that sells used /cheaper building and house material.

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