POST#12 What the inside of my head looks like….

One of a million similar pages where I tried like hell to figure out what I was doing.  You should see the page with the shower dimension.

Creating a shower is my current very daunting project.  Found the Schluter system using waterproof paper which is cost effective and super light weight.  Got the kit and I’m ready to go just as soon as it stops raining.

I had forgotten that Chia is in the mint family.  Super easy to grow.  I planted flax at the same time and no sign of those guys.  These plants however are taking over.  Super food, super plant.  Yay!

Kale and chard had a race to the soup bowl and Chard one by a nose.  Not sure really how this picture happened.  Maybe the Kale is haunted?  Maybe it moved when I wasn’t looking?

Here’s my daily harvest.  Half goes in the breakfast smoothie the other half in my lunch dosa or soup. YUMMY!

These guys would love some salad for lunch but lucky for me the garden is fenced.

Indian summer tomatoes!  One plant wasn’t producing and I had to give it Phosphorous the llama poo wasn’t enough.

Peppers on their way. Hope they make it before a frost hits.  I got a late start on my garden and planted them anyway.

Here is the pineapple sage in bloom which is keeping all the hummingbirds for miles happy.


And here is the new sink.  No running water yet but ready to get some.

trying out tile placement. Eventually I will have running water indoors.  I swear!!


Raptor on a stick?  You bet.  Here is a rather fuzzy shot of a great North Western Hawksicle.

Not pleased with my joke apparently.


So what did you do today?

I took down the old crappy make-shift awning and built a new and improved one.

I found the perfect place for my mini-chimes.  They were the first house warming gift I got.  My friend Dorrit gave them to me about 6 months before I started building.  A true act of faith. Thanks for believing in me D.

Maybe tomorrow after I get the shower install started I can give those used $100 french doors the TLC they require.

Thanks to the calls I made to random tile places in SR I found a fellow named Jerry who told me about a fairly new product that is light weight, easy to install, and comes with a How-to DVD.  After struggling for months over how I was going to waterproof my shower with something that didn’t weigh a ton I found Schluter Kerdi paper.  I’ll post pics of the install process so you can all see how perfect it is for tiny house building.  It weighs almost nothing.  I will put some very very thin tiles over it.  Still hunting for those with an affordable price.  Off to Craigslist I go.

But first here’s a winter view from my bedroom.  LOVE IT!

I’ve gotten over my head cold and now have the energy and courage (uh, maybe) to start the shower project.  Wish me luck.
Happy Gratitude day to everyone ( a little late).  I’m grateful for you all.  And so very happy I finally have a home.


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3 comments on “POST#12 What the inside of my head looks like….
  1. Paul says:

    I like how all your equations are so neat and orderly; all things in their place.

  2. Jeff Heaton says:

    I noticed in an earlier blog that you installed a composting toilet in your Tiny Home. How is the composting toilet working? Are you able to recycle humanure and urine to the garden? I am a green contractor and would like to get into building Tiny homes. I love your small design ideas.
    I was thinking that it would be fun to start a business where individuals and families can go to design and construct their own tiny home. It could be located in a large warehouse with lots of materials, tools and classes.

    • limacatz says:

      There is a woman in Olympia Washington that gives workshops, a fellow near here that kind of started this most recent craze and and a couple of companies that build them for people in the area. Are you in Calif.? Come visit us if you like. It’s really fun to see how different each tiny house is.

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