POST# 14 Tiny house turns 1 year old


I will be turning 50 this year just as my tiny house turns 1.   

 Take a peek at how Home Sweet Home is getting in shape for her/our b-day:















Putting finishing touches on upper loft window/door.  The stargazing deck!

You may notice that the lower deck has doubled and been painted green.











Here is the new outdoor tub and shower:











Rigged a new closet door with help from a great guy at Home Depot named Anthony.  Put shelves under the couch, painted most of the kitchen ceiling white for more light and painted the bathroom turquoise.

  Here are some cherry plums from the yard and a garden update:








My tiny milpita (corn field)







And Squash:







Strawberries and herbs:








This is the new guest house.  Nah, just kidding.  

It would be nice though wouldn’t it.
















THIS is the real guest house.    Gunslinger and tent not included.








My urban chicken rancher pal Richard showing off his juevos:

















And our grand finale!  Way too much fun with a tube of Henna:











During fall I did a lot of experimenting with food fermenting and warmed the house with the food dehydrator.  Smelled like bananas but it was WARM!bananas

The falafals were made out of fermented chickpeas and were, If I may say so myself, the best I ever had.  Despite the fact they were the wrong shape.  I flattened them out of fear of mushy middles since I wasn’t frying only grilling.  YUM!









I got some window seat upgrades at the flea market.  Couch skirt, fringe and a beautiful little fountain all for less than $5.










These two lovely friends helped me shop.










I painted the kitchen beams while I waited for someone who was willing to help me do kitchen plumbing.  I found several people willing to do it for a reasonable price but all of them fell through, changed their minds or didn’t show up.  Ah the world of contractors.  So glad I don’t do this for a living.


I made some modifications to the bath / shower area which I will post pics of later.  The one advantage to living in a construction zone is as things get made I can actually see if they work right and can make last minute changes to my well intentioned, but possibly not practical, designs.

Next post see my crazy lamp makeover as I try to get more light in the living room during these long dark days of winter!

And yes the long awaited plumbing pics.  Just as soon as I figure out how to get them all off my phone and into my blog!

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5 comments on “POST# 14 Tiny house turns 1 year old
  1. Oh, man. I just read your blog start to finish and am so delighted. I love Tiny Houses and I am inspired by your quest. Yay for you and your community. I would love to see your place one day. What an accomplishment!

    I made lots of changes at 60 so it is never too late to begin a new life! Congratulations.

  2. Willowjana says:

    I’m so happy to have come across your blog. The house looks amazing! Several months ago I came across Derek “Deek” Diedricksen’s blog and youtube videos and have fallen in love with tiny homes. I look forward to being able to build my own. Best of luck with everything!

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