Where would Jesus live?

Where would Jesus live?

In a tiny house of course!  Saw this chez Cristo on a road trip.  I would have guessed a different aesthetic for a savior but to each his own I say

(following his tolerant example)













Meanwhile back at the Tiny house homestead of yours truly…

















The kitchen tile gets placed (ceramic 2 foot long tiles that look like wood planks from Lowes), a garden door that is raccoon proof (Don’t celebrate yet until we have proof of its reliability.  Them varmints are brilliant.  Saw one steal a woman’s rug through the doggie door on youtube!)











And a picture of the somewhat finished deck and new garden space moved closer to house to minimize vegetable theft from nature’s hungry minions.











I have vowed that this 2 year building project will come to an end by end of July.  Birthday present to self will be hanging up the tool belt or packing it in moth balls.  It has been lovely but being Bob the builder, while getting me well in touch with my inner archetypal construction worker/carpenter (hey Jesus again!) has not left me much room for girlie activities and other life pursuits.  My friends think I’m delusional to think the building will ever end.  So maybe I should call it a hiatus?  It’s a TINY house for god’s sake so technically the building has to come to an end at some point.  Right?

I will start a tiny homesteading branch of this blog covering bee keeping, natural chicken adventures and mushroom growing etc etc  just as soon as the tool belt gets retired!

Hope all is well with you and you are enjoying this strange and beautiful adventure called life just as much as we are!

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5 comments on “Where would Jesus live?
  1. where and why has Ms Lima disappeared? A donde? How are you, grrl and how come you doan write?

    • limacatz says:

      Mr and Ms and Jr Labradoodle and feline cohort. Pushing to get house finished by b-day in July so I don’t lose my mind. Must get life back and put tool belt in moth balls. At least a year hiatus. Is that too much to ask? Coming to Berk next weekend you around? Wanna hang?

  2. Richard says:

    No more crawling through a window on the porch to get to the shower. The simple pleasures of life! Love this home. Richard

    • limacatz says:

      yup, door on deck to garden. We are all civilized and stuff now. Running water etc. Lookout world! Of course we wouldn’t even have a deck if you hadn’t helped us work that one out! You are a carpenter angel. We LOVE YOU!

  3. jej says:

    YOUR HOUSE IS LOOKING GLORIOUS! Love your sink, although you must miss watching the llamas from your outdoor sink by the fence. That was pretty glorious. I guess this way you can have a winter sink inside for inclement weather and a summer sink for enjoying the warm days! Your garden looks pretty vibrant as well as your fine choice of colors. Your house just keeps getting better and better! You oughta be sooooo proud!

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We have landed and after all the struggle, adventure, drama etc it all seems so worthwhile. We are now parked in a lovely and peaceful place just north of Santa Rosa. Bucolic bliss has become a reality. I got everything on my list: well water, garden, wildlife, quiet (can't even hear airplanes!) and lovely neighbors. Thanks to everyone for the prayers, help, moral support, and patience during this challenging project. About another year and we should be finished.... Ha : )

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