POST#18 2 Years building and cinematic fame

So last year on my birthday Chris Smith and Merete Mueller came to visit me.  They set up their tent on the front porch and when we all woke up in the morning there were 6 wild pigs in the yard.  I had never seen a wild pig so it was quite a treat.  Two of them were making bacon, so to speak (and I don’t mean earning a living).  I called my friend Paul who assured me that 6 pigs (2 porkers), were bacon squared and most definitely auspicious.

Reportedly their tiny house film is finished and I am in it and did not end up on the cutting room floor so I am now FAMOUS!  Ok, not really but at least I will hopefully inspire others to start the fun and rewarding project of living tiny.

So check them out and make sure you see their film:












Chris and Merete  in front of their tiny house in Colorado

I was invited to speak at the premiere of the movie at the Napa film festival which was very exciting. I was already in a BBC documentary so

it was starting to look like my 15 minutes of fame were getting extended.










Meanwhile– Back at the ranch…

Here’s a visual update.

Bees: apparently happy but still living in 1st box and not spreading out yet.

Opened them and checked on them without using smoke which made me happy.

Had to use  a little water however in a spray bottle:











They fly in with their saddle bags full of bright orange pollen.  Checked them out with

magnifying glass and saw no mites, nor ants so apparently all is well.

Birthday flowers from last year blooming twice as large this year.  Being a year older I

need more flowers– right?  And in true permaculture stacking fashion they brighten

my b-day AND provide food for the hive.

















Hot as heck this summer so I turned tiny house into tiny pirate ship.  I can’t wait to keel haul

someone! It will be a very dusty swim. If anyone has a skull and crossbones flag they aren’t

using send it on.  I will fly the colors proudly and invite you to lunch in the garden.














My new tiny greenhouse to grow goodies for the chickens, the garden, and moi.











My first ever potato harvest.  Grew these because they sprouted in bag from store before I got to cook them.

Waste not want not.  Especially Whole Paycheck’s prices organic Yukon (price of) gold prices.  So I grew my own.













The chicken tractor– which gives the ladies some room to free range without immediate

danger from the dozen or so predators all waiting for me to turn my back for a second.

And keeps them from tearing up my garden.  Which they would love to do.













A couple of the ladies looking fat and sassy and insane. Chickens and pigeons always

look like lunatics or drug addicts to me.  They are loving their dumpster dived organic

produce from Shelton’s market –A chicken heaven of delectables that have improved

their eggs and shells quickly.)  Bunny sitting outside coop keeping them safe (for herself).









The deck /living room looking less like the carpenter’s work room it has been for a year and more like a civilized space worthy of  guests.










And where did all those tools and materials go that were strewn about for so long?  In my new 3$ recycled shelves from Industrial re-use facility (AKA the dump)

I got some second hand paint for 1/2 price and spiffed it up.  Now I am very organized. And yes that is plastic covered futon/couch/guest bed ala Italian grandparents style. Go ahead and laugh but when you come to visit and sleep over on the porch you will be happy we kept it clean for you by covering it with the giant tarp that was our roof before we got the tiny house covered all proper like.
















Ok, hope you enjoyed your 2 year anniversary update tour. 











May the forces of nature enrich your life as they do mine.

Thanks for visiting.


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8 comments on “POST#18 2 Years building and cinematic fame
  1. scott hiit says:

    hey there, your writing and commentary style is lite and refreshing. thank you. blessings to you and yours…..scott, land o lakes, fl

    • limacatz says:

      Thanks so much Scott. That means a lot to me. So kind! Do you have a tiny house in Fl? I would be interested in seeing your blog/photos if you do. We keep getting invited to move there and I’m just not sure I want to move that far away from my beloved bay area CA.

  2. Dustin says:


    Have you checked the bee larvae for mites? They are often easier to see there than on the adults.

  3. Terry says:

    Love your house!!! Any chance we could see bigger view pics of the interior? Hungry readers want to see!!!

    • limacatz says:

      Next post will have lots of inside photos AND a video tour! Stay tuned. Just finishing up a few things on the inside to make it look better.

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