POST#19 shower progress etcetera

Since I decided to stop building in July for my birthday and I am still going and it is NOVEMBER!!!!

I thought it might be nice to share with you what I did with my “summer vacation”:

I learned to make ginger bug (YUMMY!)

ginger beer










I installed a kitchen floor












I finished the shower (almost)















This is the shower door I made out of a glass door I bought at the dump for $2.50.  Left over spray paint from

living room chandelier and voila.  Don’t ask my how much the plexiglass was.  But now the door is lightweight!

I did a billion other little touch up details like the kitchen sink area.  And got a new sink fixture since the other one

turned out to be absolute crap.











This is the before picture.

Here is what it looks like now after hanging and painting this nice paintable wallpaper.









I planted and tended my garden and ate a few hundred tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchinis, and Yacon which is now my favorite vegetable and I had never heard of it before.

Thank you RICHARD!  There it is to the right below with big fuzzy heart shaped leaves.  It’s a beautiful AND tasty plant.














The Yacon above kitty’s head has a delicious, crunchy root, undoubtedly the offspring of  a jicama and an asian pear.









The bees aren’t doing so well but they are still alive.  Apparently I need to find a class or hire an expert to give me lessons.  Who knew bugs would be a high maintenance pet option.

Chickens are easier ironically. But I’m not giving up yet!  There will be beeswax and honey in the future at some point.  I’m quite sure.  Well, somewhat sure.  Actually not sure at all and if I just manage to keep them alive and well I will be happy enough.  Poor bees work harder than I do.  And that is saying something!

I also started to grow shiitaki mushrooms. Ok, technically that was in fall but doesn’t Indian summer count as summer?Hope your summer was as fun as mine. Bought culture from Paul Stammats one of my heroes.  I highly recommend a tour of his website Fungi perfecti and a gander at him on any Youtube video if you are even remotely interested in shrooms.  Fascinating subject.

I’m taking fall and winter off from building (I hear you shaking your head in disbelief oh ye of little faith! Yes indeed I will temporarily retire my tool belt.  Building was fun but oh my god 27 months is enough already!)



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8 comments on “POST#19 shower progress etcetera
  1. limacatz says:

    annoying stupid WOrdpress template and it’s stupid spacing of my pictures! Fed up!

    • limacatz says:

      As soon as Mercury is not retrograde any more I am upgrading my website to something that works better. Will keep you all posted.

  2. Richard says:

    Faucet and fridge, so beautifully matchy matchy!

    • limacatz says:

      Yes and it is easier to turn off and on and high enough I can wash big pans AND my hair under it. I’ve done it! Not at the same time mind you.

  3. breid1903 says:

    more pics of bath(shower) please. thank you. peaceup b

    • limacatz says:

      Finishing up shower today so new pics in a week is my guess. Probably taking my first indoor shower today but I’ve been saying that for a couple of months of weekends so one can only hope at this point. But all I need is to finish the little window panel which I’m guessing is going to happen today. It may ALL turn out to be worthwhile after I take that first hot shower and have a good cry of gratitude : )

  4. Hello there! I just read your article over at the Tiny House Blog and thought, “this woman is my soul sister!” Buying flooring/windows for your tiny house before even having a tiny house is EXACTLY the kind of crazy stuff I do. High fives for believing in dreams!

    I am just beginning our tiny house adventure (myself and my 4 year old son) and will make my first major purchase after tax return in February.

    LOVE your style and your prose…and your mindset!!!

    • limacatz says:

      Thank you so much. Went to your site and looked it over. Your plans look great. Take that leap of faith sister. You can do it!

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