Tiny house/big land

One of the reasons for a tiny house for me was the opportunity to live closer to nature.







A tiny house on a big piece of land is the right ratio in my opinion.  It best suits those of us who are outdoors types.  I had been wanting to have a compost toilet and huge garden but found myself repeatedly stuck in urban, high rent housing with little to no yard or garden space.  I wanted to live somewhere with lots of wildlife and was lucky to find a place with llamas, bobcats, raptors, deer, fox, skunks, wild pigs, in a forest of madrone, manzanita, redwoods, bay laurel, wild edible mushrooms like matsutake and chantearelle, blackberries and wild plums etc etc.  I planted a peach tree, cherry tree, raspberries, fig trees.



I’ve spent my free time perfecting the art of fermentation and expanding my gardening abilities.  Every year I grew something weird and different just for a challenge such as: yacon, sugar cane (delicious), my own green tea, sweet potatoes, chia (didn’t get any seeds) and whatever other fun experimental stuff I could find.  I basically approach all my projects like I’m half artist and half mad-scientist.

















I was given 4 chickens and bought a hive and started bee keeping.









Twinkie was the most beautiful of them all.  She passed away a few years ago

and I miss her feisty self.  She loved a back rub and would get so relaxed she would

have to sit down.  She would also loudly slurp water from my cupped hands.




Larry would sit in the same spot on the hillside and watch the sunset

EVERY single day.  The grass was bare there in that spot from his habitual sitting.













There are gobs of gobblers.  And flying piglets.
















Deer, jack rabbits and raptors









Wild cats in trees












And mad amounts of gardening going on!







And the best views I’ve ever had of anywhere I’ve ever lived.










I see fox and skunks and a bobcat on a regular basis none of which I was ever able to catch in a photo.



As nice as my house is to be in and look at it also affords me all of the above which means it

adds to my quality of life beyond its own 4 walls.  This tiny house project has been one of the

best things I have ever done!  Tiny living is anything but tiny.  It is the biggest and best place I

have ever lived.











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