POST#10 Wildlife

Wildlife was one of the things high on my list of requirements for the kind of land I wanted to park on.

Apparently this used to be some kind of crazy hippy commune so I guess I win on two counts.

There is a mural on the side of the barn that says Shangrila pop 48.  That the commune was called

Shangrila seems very auspicious!

Outside the baby bay window there is a forest of Manzanita and Madrone trees.  The carpet of crunchy bark and leaves is so thick underneath that grazing deer sound more like a herd of bears!

Here’s a hiking path:

Here’s the tree behind the house I plan to hang my hammock in, just as soon as I can find it in all the boxes.

It is a wonderfully climbable tree.  So is the walnut tree in the driveway.  Great views from the top.  How do I know?  Uh, pipoca told me.  No, ok, I confess I climbed up.  For those of you who know me well you know I love to climb trees!

Here’s a garden up date:

Better pic of shower:

First flowers

Pipoca in garden ignoring the bunny (beige jack rabbit just above her head on other side of fence) in favor of lizard hunting.  She got hold of one the other day and I made her let go.  She’s been obsessed ever since.  Apparently they taste like chicken!

The jack rabbits here are so tame and fearless they kinda scare me.  I keep thinking of Monty Pythons Holy Grail and the killer bunny.

Oh and speaking of garden I said update and forgot to show you pics of the actual garden:

So all these giant shrooms popped up after the 3 day rain.  They look delicious.  But kind of like a bunch of brains.  Good since I could use more brains.

I sliced them up and grilled them.  So delicious!  Also found chanterelles and Matsutakes thanks to help from my friend Paul and neighbor George for making sure I didn’t poison myself inadvertently.

I finally hung the hammock but haven’t laid in it yet.  Too busy.  But it is nice to look over and see it and know that some day….

The other day there was an invasion of Turkeys.  11 of them all at once.  Word has gotten out that I have organic scraps in the compost. Free salad for EVERYONE!

This is my beautiful friend Richard who helped me build the deck he is sitting on AND do the electrical in the house.  Friends with building skills…. Hallelujah!   The deck feels like sitting on a pier at the beach.  I LOVE IT!  Getting in and out of the house is now super easy.  And much safer.  Almost broke my leg the other day when I slipped on the wet door frame.  Yes tiny house living does have its dangers.

Look at that.  Electricity!  I’m feeling down right civilized.

I am now officially getting all my greens from the garden.  In less than two months.  Not bad eh. So off I go to make a green smoothie YUM.

Look at that sorrel.  My new favorite veggie.

Pipoca takes her watch cat duty very seriously.  Look at her patrolling in her bullet proof vest.  No that’s really her leash harness but doesn’t it just make her look so tough.  Rodents beware!

Chard never felt so safe.

Llamas are also great watch dogs so the garden and I are well protected.  Here they are checking each other out. Don’t tell anyone but they are kind of scared of each other.  Curious– but secretly terrified.


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2 comments on “POST#10 Wildlife
  1. Mary Boettcher says:

    It all looks so bucolic but I know you’ve put a lot of hard work into it. Congratulations on all your hard work.

  2. limacatz says:

    Thanks Mary. It is starting to feel like a home. As opposed to living in a carpenters shop.
    I don’t recommend the live in it while you build thing now. We just did that out of necessity. Not pleasant.

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