POST# 16 Chicken cabinet, hams, bees and cheesecake

It turned 100 degrees and suddenly not having an indoor shower YET didn’t seem so bad.  It’s lovely to shower in the garden now which has wild roses growing in and around it.   Which is fragrant but if you drop the soap beware of thorns.

I found cheap glass tile the color of pylon cones or Caltrans orange vests.  Actually they are the same color as the Schluter Kerdi waterproofing paper. The tile was $2.50 a sq ft from some tile liquidator in LA?  What no one else wanted these orange tiles?  They are awesome.  Good thing I like that color!

2 weeks ago was build a coop day and since I’m so burned out from building we went to the dump to see what we could find that was coop like to begin with. There was a plastic kids playhouse which I considered.  But plastic?!  Yuck! We found this lovely chicken cabinet for a mere $10!  And now our chickens will have a tiny house too!

And yes that is my lovely friend Richard here volunteering again!  If anyone deserves a medal for friendship above and beyond the call of duty.

So buy one 10$ cabinet.  Turn sideways and rotate doors.  Voila!  A coop.










varmint proofing the coop.









No wheels on their tiny house though.  But I did consider it.










Almost finished.  Just needs a roof and more varmint proofing.

Some paint and doors and it’s almost as cute as my tiny house.

Another cabinet on top and they could have a chicken high rise.










I have always wanted bees so I got some.  They are the most wonderful of creatures.

I have always wanted to be a bee keeper so yet another dream has come true.  They also got a tiny house:








And the new and improved, extra varmint proof garden is doing better.  Need more soil amending but so far not too many critters competing for my daily greens.




























And Richard brought me gobs of goodies from his Nursery job.
Did I mention he deserves a medal?  I had no flowers since the deer eat everything but now with our new and improved garden size I have room inside for pretty stuff.  The bees have gone crazy over it all.


On a road trip I came across this wild tinyhouse, Chez Cristo (church?) and thought–Where would Jesus live?

In a tiny house of course!  I would have guessed a different aesthetic for a savior but to each his own I say

(following his tolerant example).










Meanwhile back at the Tiny house homestead of yours truly- some sink tile and this cool flooring tile that looks like wood but is easier to clean and better around water AND is the exact width of the counter top.  How did that happen?!  Another little tiny house miracle.
















I also installed a garden door that is raccoon proof (Don’t celebrate yet until we have proof of its reliability.  Them varmints are brilliant.  Saw one steal a woman’s rug through the doggie door on youtube!)










And the somewhat finished deck and new garden space moved closer to house to minimize vegetable theft from nature’s hungry minions.











I have vowed that this 2 year building project will come to an end by end of July.  Birthday present to self will be hanging up the tool belt or packing it in moth balls.  It has been lovely but being Bob the builder, while getting me well in touch with my inner archetypal construction worker/carpenter (hey– Jesus again!) has not left me much room for girlie activities and other life pursuits.  My friends think I’m delusional to think the building will ever end.  So maybe I should call it a hiatus?  It’s a TINY house for god’s sake so technically the building has to come to an end at some point.  Right?

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5 comments on “POST# 16 Chicken cabinet, hams, bees and cheesecake
  1. Richard says:

    Nothing like a good workation to make one feel connected and fed up. Fermented buckwheat waffles cannot be beat. I had a great time as usual.

  2. This is so cool……I love it. Our mutual friend Aricia turned me on to your blog:-)

    • limacatz says:

      Very cool. She told me all about you. Would love love love to see your blog of knitting. Although it will make me wanna knit. And i don’t know how much. Next time she comes up for a visit come with!

    • limacatz says:

      Hey everyone, Go check out ahandknitlife! This is not your grandma’s doilies! Just read it myself and I’ve never seen anything like it. Knitting at its most creative. Thanks for sharing.

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